About Joe Shirley: Discovering the Feeling Mind

Joe ShirleyHello and welcome. This is my little outpost on the web, a way to stake my claim for a tiny bit of territory in the search engines. One day I may post my inner history here, my journey over the past 20 years on the way to creating Feelingwork. For now, that seems a lot of work and there are more important things to do.

“Like what?” you ask? Two main endeavors. First, I’m collaborating with my partner Spring Cheng in developing and teaching a set of practices we call The Resonance Path. These practices cultivate a state of resonance in which all the inner parts of you are working as one, and the interface between you and your world is seamless. In the “resonance zone,” we experience greater clarity of vision, ease of action, and confluence of forces aligned to carry us toward what wants to take form with and through us. We step out of ego and into service to something much larger. We have established a non-profit organization to share this work with as many people and organizations as we can.

Second, I am working with private clients to facilitate Feelingwork experiences for the purpose of deep transformation. I am also working to write a series of books describing the Feelingwork practice through in-depth case studies. You can learn more about this work on the Feelingwork website.

Spring and I live and work in our home on Beacon Hill in Seattle. We enjoy a wonderful view of Elliott Bay and downtown.


For those who are interested, here is a timeline of my formal education:

  • 1977–1979: University of Pennsylvania, pre-med, bioengineering. Completed my medical school prerequisites with flying colors by the end of my sophomore year.
  • 1979–1980: University of Edinburgh, Scotland. My junior year abroad, funded by a scholarship from the Andrew Mutch Foundation in Philadelphia. Credit-wise, this was a throwaway year as I chose to pursue independent studies rather than stay enrolled in the formal programs available to me. The insights that eventually led to this work came to me during this time.
  • 1980–1984: Various fits and starts, attempting to complete my degree at Penn while unsuccessfully dealing with intense mood swings and disenchantment with the standard career tracks available to me. Finally dropped out with more credits than I needed, but lacking a few key engineering courses for which I had lost all interest.
  • 1982: NLP Practitioner Certification with Joe Yeager and Linda Summer in Philadelphia, with advanced courses in beliefs and hypnosis by Robert Dilts and Richard Bandler.
  • 1992: NLP Master Practitioner Certification with Connirae and Steve Andreas of NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado.
  • 1992: DHE (Design Human Engineering) Certification with Richard Bandler in San Diego.
  • 1996–1997: Antioch University Seattle, BA Completion Program. Awarded a BA in Natural Sciences and Consciousness Studies in December 1997.
  • 1998: California Institute of Integral Studies, Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness Program, PhD track. Studies with Brian Swimme and others.
  • 1999–2002: Antioch University Seattle, Whole Systems Design Program. Awarded an MA in Whole Systems Design with a focus in Facilitating Transformative Learning Processes in June 2002.
  • More courses and trainings over the years, including most recently Liberating Structures.